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With new merchandise every week, it's never the same place twice!



Drop off as charitable donations your goodies you know longer need so others can use them, and perhaps pick up some others at a great price while you're here, if it's Friday or Saturday at the Kiwanis Thrift Sale at the New Kiwanis Center.


We accept donations on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at  Kiwanis Thrift Sale, 100 N. Staebler Rd at Jackson Rd (1 mile West of Zeeb, across from Menards) (see maps). Donations may also be dropped off any time, placed in the covered enclosure (below) at the Kiwanis Center parking lot.



We no longer accept donations at Kiwanis Thrift Sale Downtown because it is closed and its departments have moved to Kiwanis Thrift Sale at the New Kiwanis Center. (see maps).


We also sell on eBay special items that are attractive to a national audience and sell on eBay for more than $40. Click AAK on EBay for information.


There are items in high demand by our Sale customers, so we particularly request their donation.  There are other items customers will not buy, so we cannot accept them. Please do not bring us leftovers from garage, yard, church, and neighborhood sales. What won't sell there won't sell here. All items must be in good, saleable condition.

Items we cannot accept may be donated to Salvation Army at 1621 S. State, St. Vincent de Paul at 1001 Broadway, or the Recycling Center on South Industrial, all in Ann Arbor.

The Kiwanis Thrift Sale at the new Kiwanis Center is open Friday and Saturday 9:00 am -1:00 pm for sales to the public and for drop off of donations from the public, at 100 N Staebler at Jackson Rd (1 mile west of Zeeb, across from Menards) (see maps). The Kiwanis Thrift Sale Downtown has closed and its departments have moved to the new Kiwanis Center. Sales are staffed by Kiwanis members and volunteers. The Kiwanis Center is owned by the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and donations to the Sale are tax deductible. The Sales fund a wide variety of charities and social agencies in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County. Each year the Foundation contributes over $250,000 in cash and goods to help 25,000 people. Web site and photos are by RICarr.

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